Environment & Energy

“We haven´t inherited the Earth from our parents, we´ve borrowed it from our children.”

(Quote from Antoine de Saint-Exupéry from the book “The Little Prince”)

At Amphenol-Air LB Gmbh, preserving the environment is a major part of corporate culture, just like efficiency is. Careful evaluation of our products and the steps involved in their production should prevent and reduce any negative environmental impact. In recognition of this, we are committed to acting in accordance with the following principles:

  • We pledge to comply with all applicable legal requirements and other requirements Amphenol has agreed to regarding energy usage, energy consumption, and energy efficiency.
  • We pledge to use natural resources responsibly and to preserve the environment to the best of our ability.
  • With an environmental and energy management system, we have created the necessary conditions to meet these requirements.
  • Our employees are given regular compliance training concerning environmental and energy measures.
  • Our products are designed to be recyclable and to comply with the latest environmental regulations.
  • We attach great importance to saving energy and electricity, and we continuously strive to reduce consumption as well as improve energy-related performance. Supporting the acquisition of energy-efficient products and services is particularly effective in this pursuit. To do this we focus our efforts on the technical options available to us, and make use of these when carrying out maintenance, renovation and modernization of our infrastructure, while keeping economic considerations in mind.
  • We want to keep the amount of waste generated as low as possible, and we increasingly use recycled products.
  • We aim to work together with our suppliers to increase their environmental and energy awareness as well.
  • We maintain an effective system which reviews these guidelines at regular intervals.