“We haven´t inherited the Earth from our parents, we´ve borrowed it from our children.”

(Quote from Antoine de Saint-Exupéry from the book “The Little Prince”)

Environmental protection in addition to cost-effectiveness is a significant part of our corporate culture at Amphenol-Air LB GmbH. Careful consideration of our products and production steps prevents environmental damage and reduces it from the start. With this knowledge, our business is based on the following principles:

  • We are obligated to work carefully with natural resources and to protect nature.
  • Our environmental management system gives us the conditions to fulfill these requirements.
  • Our employees are regularly trained to adhere to environmental measures.
  • Our products are developed to be recycled, and meet the current environmental rules.
  • We value saving energy and electricity and strive to continuously reduce their use. We therefore aim at technical opportunities which are available to us, and use these when considering commercial factors for all maintenance work, renovation and renewal of our infrastructure.
  • We work as partners with our suppliers in order to increase their environmental consciousness.
  • We maintain an effective system for regular monitoring of these tasks.