Lumiere contactLumiere contact

Lumiere contact

Fiber optic contact


The Lumiere contact uses a proven 2.5 mm diameter ceramic sleeve, type ST, which can be built into a size 16 cavity. These hermaphroditic contacts can be installed into the plug as well as into the socket. In addition, this contact can be used for single and multimode applications. The contact can be delivered in a PC, APC and UPC version. Lumiere contacts are the partner to ELIO ™ plug connectors. Elio ™ is a registered trademark of Souriau.


  • Hermaphroditic contact
  • Standard 2.5mm ST Type ferrule
  • Simple access to the contact surface (cleaning) single mode and multimode-compatible
  • Direct strain relief at the contact allows use without a backshell.
  • Contact surfaces available in PC, APC and UPC
  • Input loss: 0.3 dB (single mode), 0.2 dB (multimode)
  • Reflection loss: -30 dB for single and multimode