Approved VG connectors


VG standards are technical military standards based on relevant civilian standards such as DIN, EN or ISO. They concern technical and techno-economic requirements for defense industry products and processes. Experts from the defense industry work together with civilian standardization committees of the German Institute for Standardization (DIN - Deutsches Institut für Normung e.V.) to incorporate specific defense technology requirements into existing standards. Technical military standards must meet expectations similar to those in civilian standardization: Standardization of types, compatibility, ensuring replacement of parts, warranty in case of damage, operational reliability, general reliability, safety, quality, and market competitiveness. Annual inspections of manufacturer production processes are carried out by the German Association for Electrical, Electronic and Information Technologies (VDE - Verband der Elektrotechnik, Elektronik und Informationstechnik) to assess whether or not these expectations are met. Amphenol-Air LB offers an extensive range of connectors approved as per VG.


  • VG95218T031 TYPE B001; TYPE C001 and TYPE C002 (CAT7)
  • VG95234 (GCB-B)
  • VG95234 Type B (GCB-B in Marine Bronze)
  • VG95319-100/-101 (TacBeam)
  • VG95319-102 (TacBeam in Marine Bronze)
  • VG95319-1006/-1007/-1008 (TV/CTV)
  • VG95319-1009 in preparation (M29504-4/-5 fiber optic contacts)
  • VG95319-1011 (backshell)
  • VG95319-1011 Version B (backshell in Marine Bronze)
  • VG95319-1013 in preparation (protective caps, dummy receptacles)
  • VG95319-1015 in preparation (metal termination band)
  • VG95319-1016 Version B (D38999III in Marine Bronze)
  • VG95328 (PT)
  • VG95328 Version B (PT in Marine Bronze)
  • VG96513 (SIM)
  • VG96513 Version B in preparation (SIM in Marine Bronze)
  • VG96912 (SJT)
  • VG96912L Version B (SJT in Marine Bronze)
  • VG96938 in preparation (RJ45)
  • VG96940-6 (electrically conductive seals)
  • VG96944 (Powersafe)
  • VG96944 Version B (Powersafe in Marine Bronze)
  • VG96949 in preparation (USB)
  • VG96955 in preparation (GCB-M)
  • VG96955 Version B in preparation (GCB-M in Marine Bronze)
  • VG96976 in preparation (Rhino)